Here's what people are saying

And we're so grateful for you! When we met, it was clear what a kind, caring person you are. After you left, Dad said he would look forward to any time spent with you which was lovely to hear. Dad is being helped on so many levels by your care. Obviously the actual massage and physical touch does wonders but the interaction with you and the warmth you share enriches his life. You're a very special person doing very special work.


Compassionate Touch Canada is so unique. They really care and let you know it! I couldn't believe how much time they took to listen to my whole life story and they didn't even charge me! They really go out of their way to make sure that I feel cherished and respected. I am so grateful to have CTC helping me feel great each week!

A. @ Elim

I am over the moon! I am on the list to get my knees replaced, but after massage the pain goes away and I can feel my feet again! I just keep walking around because I can't believe the difference! I may just avoid the trauma of surgery and stick with natural solutions to my pain!

J.M. @ Bear Creek Villa

After a long time being plagued by tense muscles in my back and neck and their effect on my overall well-being, I sought the help of "Compassionate Touch Canada." What a change that brought in my life! Their profesional and caring treatment restored my muscles in such a way that I am able to move my neck again and will continue to seek their excellent service. I recommend the "Compassionate Touch Canada" whole-heartedly.


I am a seventy year old resident who has PSP — Progressive Supranuclear Palsy. I have received treatments from Heather and Chonna. Both are exceptional in service and care. I always look forward to weekly treatment and highly recommend them.


I would like to share with you my experience with pain. For many years I have had unbearable pain in the upper part of my back. I went to doctors, chiropractors, and naturopaths; and have had many tests and x-rays. I was told the x-rays did not show a problem and it was "All in my head." I had so much pain that I could not put my back against a chair. I heard about Vita Health Circulating Massage Mobility Massage for Seniors. I am so glad that I met Chonna, I told her the area of my pain and she did a little massaging and found the area of my pain in my wingbone and spine. I recommend Chonna if you have pain. I will keep going to Chonna for as long as it takes to live my life without pain.