Opportunities to join us

Job Opportunity

We are hiring.

Compassionate Touch Canada is a locally based business that has worked with older adults in residential settings for the last 7 years. The most important requirements are that you have a heart for the elderly, are teachable and a team player! We would love you to come to our upcoming information sessions and fill out an application or contact us directly. We help our employees get trained in Geriatric Massage, Dementia Touch Therapy and chaplaincy within a very short time frame. If you are looking for very meaningful part-time work (you need to be available for 12 hours of work per week), are in good health, this may be a wonderful career for you or someone you know.

Call 604.353.6794 or email compassionatetouchcanada@gmail.com for more information.

Registered Massage Therapists

On-site Massage Treatments is Available For Your Staff

Compassionate Touch Canada's Mobile Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs) are able to come to your facility and provide your staff, care aids, nurses and administration with the opportunity to have professional, half hour or hour long massage treatments right on site! The benefits of this are many. First, every HR department knows that their main job is to keep their employees safe, healthy and happy. This is a way to do all 3! By having regular massage, employees will take fewer sick days or extended absences due to injuries. Receiving regular massage will help employees feel healthier and happier. The treatments are fully refundable by the extended health just like any other RMT in the province.

History and Heart Behind the Service

Compassionate Touch Canada now offers this service because of the real need expressed by the staff of the residential and assisted care facilities that we work in. For the last 7+ years as a gift, we have offered free staff massage days to the employees of these facilities. When the staff came to us, they were usually suffering from some kind of chronic pain that could be resolved from regular massage therapy. We were shocked when we heard that many of the staff worked at two facilities totally 16 hours per day and only had one day off per week. They would always ask if we could come and massage them regularly and use their health benefits to cover the cost. We told them that our focus was older adults and those suffering from dementia and other issues relating to the elderly body and encouraged them to go to local RMT’s, but they never did. 99% of the staff at various locations around the Lower Mainland do not use the five-hundred- dollar allotment from the government for massage therapy because they do not want to take a half day off of work to go to an appointment. They were frustrated because they wanted and needed to use this essential benefit, but could not because it was simply not convenient. 100% of the staff spoken to said that they would use their benefits if they had an onsite RMT that they could go to during a lunch break or before or after their shifts. This is a direct result of those conversations.

Details of the Service

Our RMT’s have portable massage beds, linens and oils that can be set up anywhere. They are flexible and able to move if necessary. They are professional and friendly and will keep formal records of each staff who comes to them. There is the option to have a half hour or hour treatment. Depending on the facility and the Health Insurance provider, there will be the option of direct billing or sending invoices in for reimbursement.

Steps to Make It Happen

Compassionate Touch Canada has excellent connections in the medical massage industry and is able to vet and bring your staff the best therapists available. We will be able to book your employees massages at times that suit them as well as pre-book up to a year in advance so that regular massage can become a reality. Give your staff the gift of on-site massage treatments and be prepared for the positive results.